British Nutrition Foundation


The British Nutrition Foundation (BNF), a registered charity, delivers impartial, authoritative and evidence-based information on food and nutrition. Its core purpose is translating evidence-based nutrition science in engaging and actionable ways, working with an extensive network of contacts across academia, health care, education, communication and the food chain. In all aspects of its work, BNF aims to generate and communicate clear, accurate, accessible information on nutrition, diet and lifestyle, which is impartial and relevant to the needs of diverse audiences, in particular the general public, the media, government, schools, health professionals, and food and beverage companies.


BNF has robust procedures in place to sustain the quality and clarity of its outputs (click here for more details). BNF’s key publications are peer reviewed by technical committees and external experts drawn from the nutrition science, education and food chain communities. BNF’s website content is governed by the Information Standard and a web panel exists to help ensure relevance and clarity of the information.


The Foundation is part of a broad network and it attaches substantial value to the collaborations and partnerships that it has forged, both in the UK and also across Europe, that enable BNF to extend its influence without moving our focus from the things it does well.

Funded by the European Union