Institute of Animal Reproduction and Food Research



IARFR PAS is a Leading National Research Centre that brings together interdisciplinary research to investigate the mechanisms of environmental impact on health and well-being of humans and animals. They are the Centre of Excellence in "Knowledge Transfer, Research and Education in FOOD & HEALTH for Central and Eastern Europe - CENEXFOOD", and have now launched off efforts to create Centre of Excellence in Nutirgenomics that will investigate the impact of nutrition on the genetic predisposition to diet-related diseases. IARFR PAS belongs to EIT Food Knowledge and Innovation Community (KIC), Europe's leading food innovation initiative that delivers tools to researchers, innovators, entrepreneurs and students to develop world-class solutions and accelerate innovation around the entire food value chain. They undertake continued efforts to increase public engagement and upgrade consumers' awareness of the key benefits that innovations in food and health bring to everyday life. Spearheading a variety of Science2Society events such as science festivals, tailored workshops at schools, online educational campaigns and lab visits, IARFR PAS translates scientific knowledge to lay people and promotes dialogue to keep abreast of public concerns and maintain mutual trust.

Funded by the European Union