Julia Hayden

Julia Hayden is a Registered Dietitian with experience in clinical nutrition, diabetes advocacy, and food industry research. She leads product development and dietetic innovation at Foodmaestro. With nutrition guidance and education in its early stages of digitization, Julia is thrilled to see how Foodmaestro's open label platform capabilities can continue to help people with all health and dietary needs navigate their own healthy eating journey with new technologies.


'Vilifying Sugar- Will it Have a Sweet Ending?' Sugar Tax Analysis: Available here.


Quo, Q., Totosy de Zepetnek, J., Chang, J., Hayden, J., Crozier, S., Mongia, G. & Bellissimo, N. (2018). 'Effect of midmorning puree snacks on subjective appetite, food intake, and glycemic and insulin responses in healthy adults'. Journal of the American College of Nutrition 37 (8): 659-669.

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