Maspex Group



Maspex is the largest private Polish company in the food industry  and one of the largest in Central and Eastern Europe. It is a distinct leader on the market of juices, nectars and beverages in Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania and the leading manufacturer in Hungary, Bulgaria, Lithuania and Latvia. It is also a leading manufacturer of instant products in Central and Eastern Europe. Maspex is also a leader on the market of pasta, jams and sauces and a leading producer in the segment of ketchups, ready meals and vegetable preserves in Poland. The company is also a leading player on the Romanian water market. It produces annually: 1.8 billion litres of juices, nectars and beverages, 243,000 tonnes of pasta, cereal and instant products and 146,000 tonnes of jams and preserves.


Maspex is the organizer of 5 nationwide social programs aimed at children and youth, in which over 10 million participants took part. One of them is the tournament 'From the Courtyard to the Stadium: the Tymbark Cup', of which it has been the main sponsor since 2007. It is the largest football tournament for primary school children not only in Poland but also in Europe (the final matches take place at the PGE National Stadium in Warsaw, directly before the Polish Cup final). The company also conducts educational projects for children and youth about among others ecology, safety or shaping correct eating habits among young people.

Since 2003, the company Polski Lek S.A. belongs to the Maspex Group, specializing in providing innovative products for the most sensitive consumer groups, such as pregnant women, infants and children. The portfolio also includes a wide range of dietary supplements for adults. All Polski Lek products have been developed on the basis of scientific research, with the support of the knowledge and experience of experts.

The company meets the highest world standards in the field of production processes and quality management. They guarantee safety and enable the selection of the best raw materials. Taking care of every detail in the manufacturing process translates into consumer confidence. The quality of Polski Lek products is reflected in numerous awards granted to the company's brands.

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