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The Health Claims Unpacked web app is now live!

Chris Ryder, University of Reading

Today's the day! The Health Claims Unpacked web app we have been designing and developing throughout this project is now live at

The web app, or "digital toolkit", has been developed over several months with input from all the partners on the project. The bulk of the development work has been carried out by the team at FoodMaestro, and input on the linguistic, design and technical elements from the University of Reading. This input has been based on research undertaken by the teams at Reading and the Technical University of Munich, where the site is now being hosted.

We are also very grateful to our contacts at the British Nutrition Foundation, who have provided us with essential help with the nutrition side of things, as well as promotional material to spread word of the project and the toolkit. We would also like once again to thank the food industries who shared their thoughts on health claims, and the volunteers in our focus groups, who helped shape the activities on the web app into something we think you will really enjoy.

But now it's your chance to get involved! The Health Claims Unpacked toolkit will help you to identify and understand health claims more easily, encourage you to consider them from the point of view of people with specific health goals, and have your say in how you think health claims should be presented to the public. We will be primarily collecting our data over the next two weeks to help us put together guidelines and recommendations to those in charge of regulating health claims – based on your input!

So sign up today to take part in this exciting research, and check back here soon to find out more about each of the activities we have produced.

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