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Unpacking health claims: Now it's your turn!

Chris Ryder, University of Reading

The Health Claims Unpacked web app is now live, and you can sign up to complete the activities at But what is involved once you sign up?

There are a total of three activities, although the first, Unpacking Health Claims, is split into three separate parts. These are designed to help you to understand what the official definition of a health claims is and how to recognize them, through a couple of short quiz games. You then also have to judge the similarity of some types of claim to others, which helps you to understand the focus of our project on the way that health claims can be re-worded or “transformed”.

The second activity, What Should They Buy?, gets you to think about the problems that some people face when it comes to buying food in the supermarket and thinking about the food health claims. If you have a specific health condition, is it easy enough to identify the foods that could help you to manage it? We present you with four people who need your help, thanks to your expertise in health claims!

The final activity, Design Your Own Pack, puts you in charge of re-wording or transforming a standard health claim into a form that you would like to see on food packages. How can the information be presented in a way that is easy to understand without misleading consumers? You also get to design other elements of the pack, and there are four different types of pack to consider – see if you can design them all!

We also ask you some demographic information when you sign up, which will help us with our research by showing if there are particular patterns between men and women, or different age groups, and so on. This is optional, however, so you don't have to respond if you don't want to - but all the information, as well as your answers to the activities, will always be kept anonymous.

These fun activities should only take about 20-30 minutes to complete. Don’t forget to share it with all your friends and family too – after all, buying food is something that affects everyone!

NB: If you experience any technical issues with the website, please get in touch with us using the Contact Us link above.

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