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Agnieszka Czura


Agnieszka Czura is a Project Manager in the Innovation Management Department of Maspex. Since 2018, she has been running EIT Food projects devoted to educating the public about food and healthy eating, as well as promoting the reduction of food waste and environmental care (e.g. #AnnualFoodAgenda, FitKid). Based on the Open Innovation model, she cooperates with the best universities, research institutes, foundations, associations, clusters and startups both from Poland and Europe.

In the implemented projects, she uses various methods of generating ideas and searching for solutions, including the use of the design thinking methodology, practices crowdsourcing (e.g. hackathons for students, scientists, young entrepreneurs, consumers), and implements the idea of ​​co-creation, which is based on involving end users and stakeholders in the design of a product or service.

Agnieszka is a co-organizer of pro-consumer initiatives (e.g. an educational campaign on reading labels and analyzing the ingredients of food products) and a co-author of research and articles on the quality and composition of dietary supplements. She is also involved in events popularizing science and promoting cooperation between scientists and business.