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Akanksha Bisoyi


Akanksha Bisoyi is a Research Assistant and Doctoral Candidate at the Technical University of Munich with the Professorship for Law, Science and Technology. At TUM, she explores the possibilities of shaping a harmonious Rule of Law driven development and deployment of DLT. In this context, she is very much interested in developing legal models, and interactive platforms to visualize the relationship between law and emerging technologies such as DLT.

Prior to joining TUM, Akanksha worked at ITU and UNCTAD Geneva. At ITU, she was engaged in policy and research analysis of issues relating to Child Online Protection and the role of ICTs in relation to global challenges such as gender digital divide. She created a relational map to show how Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and Convention on the Rights of Child (CRCs) are linked in a digital environment. At UNCTAD, she assisted in research related to patents, digital economy, capacity-building on intellectual property and the transfer and dissemination of technology.