University of Reading



The University of Reading is recognized as one of the top 200 Universities in the world, and is home to 19,000 students from over 150 countries. Founded in the 19th century as an extension College of the University of Oxford, Reading was the only university to be awarded a charter between the two world wars. The University celebrated the 90th anniversary of its Royal Charter in 2016. Over the decades its members have become innovators and pioneers, pushing academic boundaries and leading social change.


In 1972, Reading was the first British university to integrate an industrial Research and Development Group on its campus, and is now one of the foremost research-led universities in the UK. The University features more than 50 research centres, many of which are recognised as international centres of excellence in areas including agriculture, biological and physical sciences, European histories and cultures, and meteorology.

Reading offers a wide range of programmes from the pure and applied sciences to languages, humanities, social sciences, business and arts. New research and the latest thinking continually feed into its teaching, with its academic staff working at the forefront of their fields of expertise, and remains one of the most popular higher education choices in the UK.

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